Today June 21, 2018.

Focussing on you

If you’re in a situation, love for instance, you’re stable and happy but you just keep feeling like something’s missing what do you do???????

If I would address this on a personal note, I would tell you that there’s a lot of things to be done but which is the best option… You love the guy with all your heart, you’d do basically everything in order to be okay but each time you try, the more you became lonely… The more scarce he got.. What to do???? You sent him messages daily but no reply… He’s a working guy, that’s understandable but what about the times he’s capable of at least finding out if you’re okay or a simple reply that he’ll get back to you as soon as he can????

Is this actually making sense or I’m just been paranoid????????????? Am I the only one… No matter how much you love someone, although its hard to not hear from then regularly maybe there’s something in the midst you can’t see or maybe he’s definitely busy… I would say to you, continue to make yourself available to him, in due time he should look in himself to see that you’re dedicated enough to be patient but if he can’t see that for himself, maybe its just a cunning way of saying girl leave me alone.. Love yourself inspite of it all… There’s no greater love given to you than the one you give yourself… In other words, nobody loves you more than you… Think about yourself….

Hit me up with some opinions…


Today June 17, 2018.

Guess it’s a long time… Sorry but life’s full or ups and downs and going through them takes a little time… I wish for y’all a wonderful future and energetic moves to go through the your life’s obstacles… As you look on your life, past and present.. I want you to follow these steps:

1. Identify your obstacles…

Obstacles in this sense are persons, things or feelings getting in the way from achieving whatever you want, what’s rightfully best for you.

2. Attack your obstacles…

Let them know who’s in charge of your life.. You’re the master of what you want, the master of your own life.. Take charge and defeat your obstacles.

3. Try your hardest to achieve what you want..

When you fall clean your wound and medicate it, thats the only way it’ll get better. Simple, when you don’t achieve what you want. Try another means or redo over what you do for one day you will achieve it once you believe it..

4. Be proud of yourself and whatever decisions you make..

The best decisions are realized only after the consequences are done… Overcome your obstacles and you’ll see how free and achieving you are… Believe in yourself, YOU ARE A ACHIEVER…

I urge you today, don’t stop doing what you need to do to achieve what you want…. Every bad thing happen for a reason because most times they’re test to see if you’re willing to give up or fight for what YOU want..


Today June 02, 2018.

A fresh start for a fresh month… As you’ve ended some things on the last blog, you may not be proud but open your heart that you are the beneficiary, think about what you want NOT what you did and how you’re going to benefit from it. Pick up these new pieces and build a new you for there’s nothing better than the you you appreciate.

Today May 31, 2018.

Today marks the end of a new month and can be the end of many things including the negative way you see yourself and the unhealthy things you normally do… You can also put a stop to a non committed relationship; you’re hooked to someone who’s not hooked to to.. Hmm hmm hmm hmmm not good at all at all… Change up yourself… Be the change and make an end on things that’s not worth it… I urge you today, the change in you can be the change you do with you… For those who don’t understand it, you make a change within yourself and that change within you can be the change that cause you to act properly, think wisely and behave maturely thus ending a old you and creating a new you..

Today May 30, 2018.


Whatever’s written in ones destiny will be their reward for ones prize is his and no other… Accept destiny as it is for what is for you is for you… If something was made for you and was yours in the past it will be yours again in the future, fret not my friend, What is for you is for you… Destiny is real…

Do you know what’s written in your destiny???

Can you change your destiny???

Do you know what is destiny???

As you reminis on your day… Think about your destiny once more for everyone gets what they work for… I wish you a bright and loving future… Your destiny is beautiful… Inspire some by telling them their destiny’s beautiful…

Today May 25, 2018.

You must’ve smiled away all your worries and troubles by now… Be positive in yourself in whatever you do and keep it in your mind that today, you empowered someone out there with just a smile… Have a wonderful weekend everyone and please be reminded that whatever you do think positive.

Starting today May 25, 2018

As you approach the day with a straight face, pull up the left side of your lips and do the same for the right. You will see that with just a little effort you can change your whole approach to a situation.. Always smile inspite of the troubles and worries you face because a smile on your face can give another person hope to smile as well.. Hello, as you go through today, don’t forget to smile away your worries and troubles..


Today May 24, 2018.

Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one

The battles of life are what we have to face.. A Jamaican proverb quotes’ and I quote “you wah good you nose affi run” end quote. No matter what we face today, tomorrow the sun will be up again. It’s only sleeping and waiting on its time to shine. I’d like to welcome y’all to my page and I hope I inspire and will inspire someone somewhere afterall the best things are said in few words…